Mokelumne Water & Mining Co., Inc. (Mowami) is a General Engineering Contractor specializing in the development and permitting of commercial, industrial and residential projects.

President and RMO Michael Dell'Orto has more than 20 years of experience in industrial mining management, 15 years government management service, and a lifetime of public service in Calaveras County and California.

Mowami is a low-overhead company that works with established, reputable subcontractors who also have low overhead. Primary work is in the California Mother Lode region, in Calaveras and Amador Counties in particular.

Mokelumne Water & Mining Company has a long history in Calaveras County. The name is an extrapolation of the Mokelumne Water and Canal Company, which was formed in the mid-1800s, and brought water to the north side of Calaveras County. The principals were involved in mining.


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